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Sindbad’s Xtreme was launched in 2018 at Dolmen Mall Clifton. It is a whole new world of experiential entertainment with full-scale bowling, the latest virtual reality games, carnival games, bumper cars, simulators, and exciting rides. Entertainment for the entire family while particularly catering teenagers and adults.&


It is packed with immersive fun for different tastes, age groups and skill level! Customers can fight zombies, play laser tag, try an escape room or flip burgers as a team challenge.

Its a multiplayer free roaming virtual reality game.

Up to 4 players can play at the same time. Games available are:

Dead Ahead: A cooperative shooter where players fight against zombies in order to survive.

Cops VS Robbers: A laser tag game where players are split into two teams, competing with one another for the most kills in a close-quarter arena.

Quantum Arena: A competitive shooter laser tag game where players face off against one another in a variety of different arenas and game modes.

It is packed with immersive fun for different tastes, age groups, and skill level! Customers can fight zombies, play laser tag, try an escape room, or flip burgers as a team challenge.

Cooked Up: A cooperative cooking game where players team up to cook and serve burgers to as many hungry customers as they can before time runs out.

Espionage Express: A VR escape room where players have to work together to solve puzzles and reach the end before time runs out.

Arrowsong: An archery game where players defend from evil goblins using bows and arrows.

Cybershock: Players ride a moving platform through a virtual world in order to destroy a computer virus.

Xtreme Bowl

Get ready for full scale ten pin bowling with 4 lanes.

Bumper Cars

The bumper cars in Karachi are distinct from the typical ones, as they also offer a spin function. Moreover, these cars come equipped with an integrated laser game, enabling players to shoot at other cars during the ride, inducing spins and earning points. Inside the bumper car arena, a visible scoreboard enhances the competitive aspect, displaying the scores of the participants in real-time.

Mini top Spin

Mini top spin ride for kids

Virtual Rabbids

A VR game which caters all ages and offers a 360 view of three different experiences to choose from to immerse in a unique experience each time.

UFO Racing

Flex your arms and get ready to race the UFO’s to win different prizes.


Exojet – A 360 degree simulator ride where you move in all directions while shooting the conyons, giving you a real life experience for sure.

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