Kiddie Haven

With numerous rides especially for children under 6 years of age, Sindbad’s Tariq Road is a one stop destination for the young ones.

Mini Police ride, vintage car, helicopter ride, London bus, and Carousel Fiesta are a few kiddie rides that are extremely popular among children.



Toddler Area

Jungle Fun for the lil ones!

A Jungle themed soft play area, exclusively for toddlers (children under 5 years), was introduced at Sindbad’s Tariq Road in October 2014.

The padded flooring, soft slides and water bed are not only safe for children but also give the little ones freedom to tumble, jump & hop, and play around in ball pools without the fear of getting hurt.

Time per visit: 1 hour


  • Tumble n’ Roll
  • Ball pool
  • Tunnels & slides
  • Play panels
  • Water bed



Jungle Swing


A fun new rides for toddlers and parents to enjoy together at Sindbad Tariq Road. With colorful chairs and lights that swing to the jungle music.



Dead Man’s Cove

Sindbad’s classic pirate-themed shooting gallery game with fun and interactive shooting targets!

Shoot the pirates, hoarding the treasure, before they hit back. This 10 player game is perfect for families and friends who want to play together or compete against one another.



Spin Bumper Cars

These bumper cars are unlike any other bumper cars in Karachi, as they not only move back and forth but also have a spin function. These cars also have a laser game embedded in them, where players can shoot at other cars while driving and send them in a spin, while earning points for themselves. The scoreboard is up on display inside the bumper car arena.


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