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A walk through VR experience, get ready for a virtual maze like never before. Explore the Mayan world with motion grounds, travel pods and indulge in a real life experience.

Spin Bumper Cars

The bumper cars in Karachi are distinct from the typical ones, as they also offer a spin function. Moreover, these cars come equipped with an integrated laser game, enabling players to shoot at other cars during the ride, inducing spins and earning points. Inside the bumper car arena, a visible scoreboard enhances the competitive aspect, displaying the scores of the participants in real-time.

Toddler Area

Jungle Fun for the lil ones! A Jungle themed soft play area, exclusively for toddlers (children under 5 years). The padded flooring, soft slides and water bed are not only safe for children but also give the little ones freedom to tumble, jump, hop, and play around without the fear of getting hurt.
Time per visit: 1 hour Highlights:
  • Tumble n’ Roll
  • Ball pool
  • Tunnels & slides
  • Play panels
  • Water bed

Jungle Swing

An all time favourite ride for toddlers which they can also enjoy with their parents together. The colorful chairs and lights along with the jungle music just makes it better.

Kiddie Haven

With numerous rides especially for children under 6 years of age, Sindbad’s Tariq Road is a one stop destination for the young ones.

Mini Police ride, vintage car, helicopter ride, London bus, and Carousel Fiesta are a few kiddie rides that are extremely popular among children.

Ninjas Jungle

Obstacle course aimed at 4 to 10-year-olds, with climbing walls, monkey bars, roller bridge, ball glider, spinning plates and a lot more!
  • Highly secured area supervised by vigilant attendants
  • Hygienic environment – We use non-toxic and anti-bacterial cleaning agents to maintain consistent quality
  • Perfect for group play
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