Our Fortress Stadium outlet was launch on 2nd September 2015 and it spreads over an area of 19,000 sq ft. This outlet is a paradise for the little ones and offers non-stop fun and entertainment for the entire family.


Toddler Area

This Circus themed play-area is perfect for tiny tots (children under 6 years of age). Features such as water bed, ball pool, rotating doll house, and ball blower will keep your little ones engaged for a long time.

The area is secure and safe with a vigilant supervisor monitoring the area.

For precautionary measures, children should be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.




Buckle up to go on an adventure with the Venturer – 3D simulator with 10 all new experiences.

Now you can choose to take your own journey. We bring you Galaxy Wars, Galactic Bumper Cars, Helicopter Chase, Paradise Coaster, and a lot more. Pick and experience the Venturer like never before!



Spin Zone

Spin Zone Cars are here at Sindbad’s. They are not your conventional bumper cars but are a newer version of the popular dodge ‘em cars.

These car can go FORWARD and BACKWARD, and they also SPIN.  You can SPIN yourself, or “bump” into any car on your left or right side, and send them into an uncontrollable spin!

Hop into one of the 6 cars and dodge, bump and spin your way around the area.

The Spin Zone provides a safe and secure environment.



Jumping Jet

Go up and down, round and round with Sindbad. Jumping Jet is a custom-made kiddie ride ideally for children under 8 years of age.