Under The Sea

Our underwater themed outlet at Dolmen Mall Clifton overlooks the Arabian Sea. With entertainment for everyone. This is your ultimate retreat for fun!


Softplay Area

Spread over 1,200 square feet, this massive soft play area has been designed for children over 4 years.

With slides, mazes, tunnels, ball pools, trampoline, and ball shooters, this facility is built to keep children engaged for hours.

  • Highly secured area supervised by vigilant attendants
  • Hygienic environment – We use non-toxic and anti-bacterial cleaning agents to maintain consistent quality
  • Automated code for every child so that you can come and collect your children after an hour with ease
  • Perfect for group play



New Toddler Play Area

Just for the Toddlers!

Sindbad has introduced a little land just for toddlers. The little ones can now enjoy their greatest fantasy of diving and playing in a  large pool filled with balls while playing on interactive monitors. The new toddler play area also features a LEGO play house, a trampoline, a peddling activity and  so much more! So come along and spend some quality time with your children at this brand new toddler play.

Visit our Facebook to see the New Toddler Area: http://bit.ly/2gfpwm9



Fun Wall

Towering upto 20 feet, the fun walls are the most fun indoor climbing walls to hit K town. We offer three different walls, each with a new challenge and varying level of difficulty. These walls are manufactured in Europe and meet all international standards of safety.  The entire family can try this one, as it is safe for 4-65 year olds.

Visit our youtube channel  to see the fun walls video: http://bit.ly/2es4DUA


Apart from these, Sindbad’s at Dolmen Clifton hosts a range of 70+ video, kiddie and prize games for the entire family!