Mini Olympics 2017


Sindbad Wonderland Dolmen Mall Clifton, Dolmen Mall Tariq Road & Fortress Stadium, Lahore.


17th July 2017 to 27th July, 2017


5 PM to 7 PM

Along with fun and joy, sindbad is also about competing and challenging. Sindbads Mini olympics 2017 was held from 19th to 27 july at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Dolmen Mall Tariq Road and Fortress Mall Lahore. This year, at Mini Olympics 2017, Sindbad made high scorers compete and showcase their talent. Games which where played at Mini Olympics 2017 were :Air Hockey, Basket Ball, Climbing Walls, Speed of Light, King of Hammer, Street Fighter, Moto GP Storm racer. Sindad Mini Olympics Champion’s were given prizes to boost them up and recognize their talent.

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